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Q: Is this 1-to-1 coaching? Or a group program?
A: Yes, I work with private coaching and advising clients in a “1-to-1” fashion. You get coaching every other week via live video conference. Additionally, starting in Fall 2019 I will have a group program option available.

Q: What happens between our sessions?
A: As a private advising and coaching client, you have direct access to me. Text, email, phone, Skype, FaceTime, Bat-Signal; you name it and you can reach out to me to celebrate wins, address challenges, obtain feedback, discuss “homework”; et cetera. Whatever you need, I’m right there along side of you the entire time.

Q: I want to advance my business, what is the investment to work with you?
A: We address this below, please keep reading.

Q: I’m already strapped for time, how much time is this going to take?
A: Let us be fully transparent here (not that I haven’t been)! The answer totally depends on where you’re at in the Business Owner Transformation Spectrum and where your business is across the 5 Summits of Business (see video above).

Some of our clients spend 3-5 hours a week while others spend closer to 10 and sometimes more…What’s critical to understand is that everything ebbs and flows. As you become less and less people and resource strapped, you’ll find that the “time” invested will be more and more fruitful because momentum is built as you transition from working IN your business to working ON your business. It’s at this time that many clients opt to utilize our Business Development Concierge Team which is exclusively available to our coaching clients. 


The Build. Change. Impact. method is for business owners that want to optimize and maximize their return on investment, while working ON their business instead of IN it!

If You Know This is for You, and You’re Ready
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At this point you either know this is for you or it’s not. We won’t try to hard sell you or chase after you.

Spots for a Private Coaching relationship are very limited as I only work with a handful of private clients each year (as they tend to stay with us for years). I am only bringing on 5 additional private coaching clients at this time. The investment for us to individually work with you for 1 year, four 90 day periods, is $12,000 paid in full or $1250/mo.

This is not a fake scarcity tactic. Inviting non-referred clients to work directly with us to install the Build. Change. Impact. method into your business has never happened before. As such, I knew I could be upfront with you on the pricing and still not scare the right people off…If you have read this far, hopefully you get it. You know that I’m for real. You know that taking this step will change your business and life forever. And I know I want to work with people like you – who get it and are ready to grow.

Of course the details and logistics of our relationship will be covered on our call. So that you know what you are getting yourself into 🙂 And how it’s going to accelerate everything for you.

That’s why we don’t have to run a hardcore sales room. People WANT to work with us! Just like Renee told you in the video a couple pages ago; we delivered 10x for her. And she’s not the only one!

So I’ve been upfront with you – you know the price. I know that by being upfront with the rates that I will lose some people that I could have sold into this if I were going for volume – but I’m not. I’m looking for Quality over Quantity. The cream of the crop. I only want to work with the best people. So if that is you and this makes sense – let’s get started!