Mobilegeddon is coming!

Did you, your marketing manager, or technology and website specialist receive an email from Google that looks like this?


Here are the take-aways to ensure your business website is an asset and not a liability:

    1. Your business should be using Google Webmaster Tools
    2. While many business owners think their website ranks “good” because their homepage (top level URL such as is on page one of search engine results) the reality is that most new and prospective customers initially find your business online through other landing pages within your website.For example, blog posts articles, a specific service or product’s detail page, frequently asked questions and sometimes even ancillary pages such as website policy pages.

      Google cares about your entire website for your business. Hence, you need to ensure all of your website pages are mobile optimized.


    3. Google and other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo! have given ample time (years!) for businesses to ensure their websites are “mobile friendly”. Google, specifically, will begin penalizing (on April 21st, 2015) business websites that do not meet their mobile optimized website requirements.This means your site will appear lower in Google’s search results than that of your competitor that has a mobile optimized website and meets Google’s mobile-friendly requirements.

      But Why?


    4. There has been a steady growth of mobile and tablet searches over the past few years. In particular for local business searches! Conduct a search for “percent of searches on mobile” and you can quickly do the math based upon article post dates containing mobile search statistics.You will find that of all the searches conducted on the internet, mobile device searches have surpassed desktop searches:

      2013 – 46%
      2014 – 50%
      2015 – 63% (and we only just started Q2 of 2015!)

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How to Test if Your Business Website is Mobile Optimized

Use this tool to quickly test Google’s opinion of your website’s mobile optimization and friendliness.


Do a search right now on your mobile phone or tablet…Does your site display “Mobile-Friendly” before its description? Does it work for ancillary and other landing pages? Again, if not, stop reading this and contact us now.ansleyRDgroup-Business-Development-Concierge-Business-Coach-mobile-friendly-mobile-optimized-website-2

As a full service business development company, ansleyRDgroup functions as a concierge for your business. When we build websites for our clients we believe your website (not Facebook or your business profile on some directory or service/industry aggregate page) should be your Homebase online.

Not only does it need to meet the technical requirements of Google by being mobile optimized and mobile friendly, but equally as important, your business website is where all of your Internet traffic should be directed. As it is the place online to sell your business’ ideas, products, and services!

How does your business website measure up?


Jason loves listening to music from all over the world. An international speaker and entrepreneur himself, Jason focuses on helping startups, new business owners and established businesses build their organizations and change their lives so that they can positively impact their world. Jason has worked with numerous businesses, both globally and locally to change their trajectory. He and his wife, Stacey, now own and run four companies. They built their primary business and holding company, ansleyRDgroup, a full service business development concierge, coaching, and consultancy from the ground up; in hopes of creating something bigger and longer lasting than themselves.

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