For many, the idea of spending money to build a functional website that delivers on business goals; hasn’t even entered their mind.

To these people, their business website (often times just like social media accounts) is merely something they “have” or “do”. This points to several inherent problems with their marketing model and specifically online reputation protection.


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Cases in Point

  • Day care center hires college student to create a “nice design for cheap”.
  • “I (still…even in the year 2012) don’t need a website.”
  • “I’m on Facebook!”
  • Business mentoring and networking organization is not providing a method for members to extend interaction online.
  • B2C fabrication company “just [doesn’t] have the budget”.
  • Doctor is using industry specific website provider that duplicates content (articles/blog posts, content) across all customers (read: Google will squash you in the rankings!)
  • Salon and spa doesn’t have website connected to, and is not utilizing, social media.
  • Consulting firm is not producing original content; they are scraping it from industry colleagues and competitors.
  • A community bank doesn’t have branch locations formatted for mobile viewing…

Questions to Ask

All of the above are real examples of conversations ansleyRDgroup has had with business owners and business leadership. You see

, it doesn’t matter how pretty your website is, it doesn’t matter if you are on Facebook, it doesn’t matter if you (still) don’t think you need a website, it doesn’t even matter how much content you produce! What matters are the answers to these questions:

  • Does the site convert consumers?
  • Does the site build loyalty?
  • Does the site pre (dis) qualify prospects?
  • Are you connecting and creating context with your customersnot just contentClick to Tweet This!

A little over a year ago Larry Page of Google released this statistic, “If you take the amount of content that was produced from the beginning of time (you know… the book of Genesis) until the year 2003; today, that amount of content is generated every 48 hours!

Criky Batman! That is insane!

Key Results of Online Reputation Management

With all of this in mind it is important that we shift. It is important that our businesses and our online platforms shift with culture. Click to Tweet This!

To use another great quote, Hall of Fame NHL Hockey star Wayne Gretzgy when asked what made him so good on the ice, responded, “I always skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been”.

This is what we have to do with our online platformThis is what we have to do to protect our online reputation!

  • Move from simply “doing marketing” to executing marketing campaigns Click to Tweet This!
  • Shift with culture from content marketing to contextual engagement with individual humans
  • More proactive brand positioning
  • Less reactive image building
  • Foster a community that polices and protects itself (your business)
  • Encourage loyal customers whom refer others

There are many different aspects of building a website that delivers on your business goals. Issues of marketing, usability, design, accessibility, and sales funnel aspects are among the elements that must be considered if your website is to be an asset for your company, rather than a liability.

Are there other key results that you have for online reputation management? 

Is your website satisfactorily converting for you?

Comment below and let us know!

Jason loves listening to music from all over the world. An international speaker and entrepreneur himself, Jason focuses on helping startups, new business owners and established businesses build their organizations and change their lives so that they can positively impact their world. Jason has worked with numerous businesses, both globally and locally to change their trajectory. He and his wife, Stacey, now own and run four companies. They built their primary business and holding company, ansleyRDgroup, a full service business development concierge, coaching, and consultancy from the ground up; in hopes of creating something bigger and longer lasting than themselves.

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