Hi, it’s Stacey and Jason Ansley, with Ansley RD Group, and we help owners of small businesses and their key team members go from a place of being people and resource-strapped, to peek performance with scaling profits.

Today we’re going to share our 3 Anchor Points of the Profits Everyday strategy. Ready? Click play below.

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The three anchor point of profits everyday, if you’ve seen our compass, our profits everyday compass, it may be a little familiar to you, at least these titles that are over each of the carabiners here. And what you see is our marketing anchor point, the cash anchor point, and the process anchor point. And regardless of how your business is structured, whether you’re a for-profit, a non-profit, whatever, a no-profit-not-profit, whatever it is, those things are consistent across businesses, regardless of your legal and tax structure.

Every business has to deal with their marketing, every business has to deal with their cash, and every business has to deal with their process. And within those, within the marketing, you’ve got things such as your services and your products, depending on whether you’re more of a client-based or customer-based, whatever, but you’ve got services, you’ve got products, you’ve got your platform, and those things that are going to help you build authority in the market place, as well as the platform, some of which is your technology, and for your systems, and so forth.

Underneath the cash, we have primarily, sales, optimization of those sales, and most importantly, and really, near and dear to our hearts, is profitability, right. ‘Cause it doesn’t matter how much revenue I bring into my business. If I’m not profitable, I don’t have any money to feed my family, I don’t have any money to build and grow anything worth for the next generation or whatever our goal and our outcomes might be.

The next one is our process. So, in our process, we deal with things, such as our operations, our execution, and our performance, our technology pieces, all those sorts of things fall underneath the process. And we have a little inside joke going on here because we’ve called this the three anchor points of profits everyday, but if you’re astute, you’ll notice that there’s actually a fourth thing on there, and that’s the team. And so, the team is intentionally interwoven throughout each of these three anchor points, and the team in-and-of-itself, really forms its own anchor point, and becomes the main, primary anchor of what’s going on in your business.

If you’d like a little bit more information about how to utilize anchor points in your business, how to focus in on marketing, focus in on your cash, your process, just go ahead and click the link below.

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