Hey there, we are Jason Ansley and Stacey Ansley of ansleyRDgroup, and we work directly with owners of small businesses and their key people, to help move you from a place of being people and resource strapped, to operating with peak performance and scaling profits in your business.

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Just like we have the five summits of business, you may have heard us talk about that, we also have the three stages of business ascension, so within each summit of business, are three different levels, or three different stages that we have to move through as a business in order to go to that next summit, that next level of business.

So very quickly what we have here is we have the base, right, every mountain has the bottom, the base, the foundation, the new footing, depending on if we’ve already transitioned or not, but we have the base here, and then in the middle, we have the slope, and then at the top we have the crest, okay, and what’s really important to understand is that on the slope is where we’re gonna scale and grow our business.

Many business owners these days, and rightfully so, are focused on scaling and growth, but then that’s all they do, they just wanna scale, grow, scale, grow, scale, grow et cetera, and they essentially end up circling a certain level so to speak, and they never get to the crest, and the way that we have to get to the crest, is to actually intentionally disrupt our business.

So what we have found is that these business owners know what’s worked to get them to the crest, but once they’ve gotten there, they feel stuck on the crest. So what do they do ? They double down on what already worked during the scale and grow, but you’re at the crest, you’re at a new altitude level, things aren’t the same here, and so what you end up doing is you just circle the same mountain.

What we help business owners really do is transition that saddle, you’ll see in our model, that you actually have to intentionally break something in your business, and that can sound scary, but once you make that quick little change, that intentional disruption to your business, then you can go ahead and transition the saddle to the new footing, and the new foundation, because guess what, the next summit is even higher, and so you want to get that new foundation even stronger, so that you can make that transition.

If you would like a little bit more information about this, just go ahead and click the link below and we’d be happy to help you walk you through the three stages of business ascension.

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