Hey there, we are Jason Ansley and Stacey Ansley of ansleyRDgroup, and we help owners of small businesses move from a place of being in a business that is people and resource strapped to one of peak performance with scaling profits.

Today we’re going to briefly cover our foundational model, which is our 5 Summits of Business. Ready? Click play below.

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Businesses will fall into one of five summits of business. You’ve got your GearUp, and that’s really before you start your business. That’s pre-revenue. That’s the planning that you go through. So, the majority of clients we work with are somewhere between that and StartUp where you’ve gotten revenue in the door and you have clients that you’re working with or customers that are coming to your business all the way up to the AlpineUp.

So, we’ve got the StartUp summit, the TrekUp, ScaleUp, and AlpineUp. And now, in each summit of business, there’s specific things that typically happen within that summit that are specific to the growth that your business has experienced.

What we often find is that businesses can grow so quickly in such a short period of time that maybe they skip a summit, and so identifying what summit of business you’re currently at and maybe those things that you have forgotten to do or just skipped doing in an earlier summit because of your growth that you’ve experienced in your business.

One of the other things besides just growing too fast is often businesses just don’t know, right. There’s certain things that have to happen in each summit in order to lay a strong foundation for that next summit of business, that next level of business. Whether it’s rapid growth, whether it’s just not being aware of something or blatantly ignoring something thinking that you can progress on without having done this certain thing in a prior summit, those are the danger points that business owners often find themselves in and get into trouble with when it comes to operating their business.

The last little thing I want to point out is that within each summit, generally speaking, it varies by industry, there’s lots of nuance to this, but, generally speaking, there’s some broad revenue levels that business can fall into. Just because a business has X number of dollars of revenue coming in, like Netflix, years ago, when Netflix started, they had millions and millions and millions of dollars coming in because they had investors, but they really were still in the StartUp summit of business.

We have to be careful whenever we take investment capital into our businesses or bring on partners or things of that nature, because that can impact our revenue level. And there’s a difference between our top-line revenue, which is all money that’s coming into our business, and our real revenue, which is the revenue that our business is actually generating that goes towards our profitability.

If you’d like to know a more about the 5 Summits of Business or how we can help you move your business from being people in resource strap to being one of peak performance with scaling profits, just click the link below.

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