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A business owner will know, that owning and running your own establishment takes a lot of time, effort, strategy and knowledge. Even successful business owners will run into problems that, at times, will require an outside point of view and helping hand. Fortunately, Ocala is home to ansleyRDgroup, and it is their very goal to be that helping hand to entrepreneurs everywhere.

Jason and Stacey Ansley own several businesses, however, ansleyRDgroup, is their primary career focus. Together, they offer services such as business coaching, business development, online marketing and custom branding – just to name a few.

“We tell every one of our clients that our intentions are to treat their company as if it were our own,” Jason said. “We don’t exist to sell you a single thing, rather we exist to facilitate your success through our business development services”.

More seasoned clients sometimes need ansleyRDgroup’s business savvy and experienced minds to bounce ideas off of, in order to find solutions for projects and problems that an established business might experience.

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“ansleyRDgroup, in addition to being our holding company, is a full service business development company,” Jason explained. “From start to finish, entry to exit and most anything in between, ansleyRDgroup can help you grow your company, deliver a project, or finally launch that idea you have.”

Jason has earned a Master in Business Administration (MBA) but has also completed extra courses in Entrepreneurism, International Business and Marketing – he has even obtained part of a Doctorate in Public Administration. Stacey acquired a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration with an emphasis on Grant Writing and Organizational Leadership. A longtime lover of non-profit organizations, she is currently in the transition of leaving her job of 10 years with Young Life to focus solely on ansleyRDgroup.

Together, they are confident that their talents and strengths will serve to continue their entrepreneurial success.


How Far They’ve Come

Their success has indeed been widespread. Locally, ansleyRDgroup has assisted the Ocala Chamber of Economic Partnership (CEP), Best Version Media, Pitts Chiropractic and others. In Central Florida, they have worked with numerous clients, including Orange County Sheriff, Kevin Beary. And since their skills in self-branding and marketing are particularly high in demand, they have helped individuals such as Beth Ramsay, a local author; Sandi Greene, an author and professor; and Josh Rivas, who recently worked as Senior Digital Paint Artist for The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug.

As big supporters of non-profits, they have also collaborated with in-state and international groups such as Baptist Global Response, J316 Ministries, Feeding Children Everywhere and more.

“Borrowing in part from Stacey’s involvement with nonprofits for so many years, each of our businesses have a philanthropic aspect to them,” Jason stated.

Being “multi-passionate entrepreneurs,” Stacey and Jason own three other companies: Randy RC Planes, which manufactures and sells sound systems for electric radio controlled airplanes; and Little Duckling Sale and Expo, Ocala’s Twice Yearly Kids Consignment Sale & Expo, which is in partnership with Women’s Pregnancy Center and hosted by Central Christian Church.

“Shoppers at our sale benefit by saving 50-90 percent off retail and consignors at Little Duckling benefit with earnings 15-25 percent higher than that from a traditional consignment store,” Stacey explained.

One client, after receiving coaching from ansleyRDgroup, became full-fledged partners with Stacey and Jason, forming their fourth business: ToePrints Photography.

“Our aim with ToePrints is to become “the family jeweler of photography, specializing in weddings, corporate events, concerts and all forms of Business/Commercial photography needs,” Jason said about the business.

[Update October 2014: ToePrints has been dissolved since this article first appeared. However Jason and Stacey still own four businesses. During the summer of 2014 they acquired Mile 22, a custom bag manufacturing company. They relocated it from Montana to Ocala, Florida, and are excited about the quantity and quality of opportunities in front of Mile 22 Bags.]

Amazingly enough, all four companies have been birthed since the beginning of Jason and Stacey’s marriage – three years ago. On top of all the work they manage, they also have a son, whom they hope to be able to travel with as he grows older, giving him an international upbringing and education.


How do they manage four businesses and a family?

“Quite frankly it is purely because of our relationship with God,” Stacey said. “Our faith in Christ plays the penultimate role in our success.”

In addition to this, moral values such as trust and integrity have aided the businesses to today’s accomplishments, and will continue to do so in the future as they hope to add more establishments to their profile.

“We are not in the business of churning clients,” Jason said. “We want to work with our clients indefinitely. We are naturally multi-passionate so it is easy for us to become passionate about our client’s businesses, as much as our own.”


We would love to work with you and hear about your business and passions. Call or email us or leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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