About a year ago I had a conversation with a colleague about how his son didn’t use email for business. His son had an email address, but all “important” communication he conducted he used social media.

Similar to social media I have been a long time fan of SMS for business communications and have even been known to utilize the ocasional business text message service. But I realize many do not use text messaging in the workplace beyond text message marketing or SMS business cards.

This got me thinking about different communication styles of our clients. Have you learned the business communication styles that your clients and prospective clients prefer? ansleyRDgroup still works with a particular client that excels at doing business via text messaging. Emails? Only when he has to…but not so much. Instead, if I want a response, I send a text!


Business Communication Methods


I am sure many of you may have a similar story. Perhaps you have, or have had, clients that are (let’s say) a bit wiser šŸ™‚ They probably prefer to meet in person or talk on the phone. Contrary however, I have another client that I haveĀ never, repeat NEVER, spoken with on the phone…I don’t even have a phone number for them. When I suggested we have a phone conversation regarding a project we were working on, he simply said he only does email so that he can refer back to everything.

At that point I had two options.

  1. Boot them to the curb (ok…that may be a little harsh)
  2. Adapt to their business communication type and continue doing business together

Of course we continued to do business together and I have had to improve my communication skills to match the communication style this client preferes.

Have you lost a client because you were unwilling to adapt?Ā Click to Tweet this!

Be Everywhere They Are

Marketing gurus have long held that you need to “go where your audience is”. This is absolutely true.

But I want to challenge you.

Once you have their business, are you communicating in theirĀ preferred medium? Or are you simply going the route of the status quo and what is best for you (not them)?

How about prior to earning their business? What if I told you that you can gain new business outside “traditional social media efforts” such as gaining “likes”, “follows”, and the oh so out dated “I got a new blog post…X number of things you need to succeed…” (or whatever the vague, barely actionable post is about)?

What if you could increase your business communication skills by paying attention to the types of communication styles your clients and prospective clients prefer?

Learning Styles

In education there are several distinct learning styles. There is the audible learner. The learner that gains knowledge via touch and action (the kinesthetic learning style). Plus there are those whom are best taught via written (reading information) and yet those whom excel only when information targets their visual learning style via rich images.

Similar are our clients and prospects when it comes to communication styles.

Some do best with an email. Some prefer a phone call, Others a text message. Still othersĀ Facebook

That’s right. Facebook.

This week alone ansleyRDgroup has secured two, count them 2 (plus a third in development),Ā new clients via Facebook.

Business on Facebook is more than “Likes”

Sure our new clients are people that “like us” but that is not why (nor how) we gained their business.

We engaged with them (don’t you just love buzz words). But we engaged via messages. Yep…my colleague’s son, whom we highlighted earlier; coordinated events, project assignments, and other “business” items in his daily life viaĀ Facebook Messages.Ā 

Whether you are trying to use Twitter for business, LinkedIn for business, or Facebook for business; at some point you have to go beyond the “like”.Ā Click to Tweet this!

By engaging with messages and not just on the wall, ansleyRDgroup is looking at three new clients that we might not have earned otherwise…all because we went beyond “would you please ‘Like” us” and “here is our new blog post”…

We met our potential clients where they were.Ā We communicated with them in the medium they are most comfortable with. And, we won them over.

Tell us what you think.

What are the preferred communication mediums of your clients and prospects?

Have you ever signed a contract that was facilitated solely via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or another social media platform?

Leave your comments below. We would love to “engage” with you! šŸ™‚

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