Hi there, it’s Stacey and Jason Ansley with ansleyRDgroup. One thing we have found after working with hundreds of business owners over the past few years is that oftentimes, business owners find themselves people and resource-strapped. And resources doesn’t always mean financial resources.

What we’re going to show you today, our Profits Everyday Compass, is arguably our most impactful, powerful tool that we use with our clients.

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We work directly with owners of small businesses to help you move from being people and resource strapped, which doesn’t just have to be money, to peak performance, with scaling profits. And what we’re going to show you here, right now, is arguably our most impactful, most powerful tool that we use with our clients. And that’s our Profits Everyday Compass.

What you’re going to see is profits everyday. And we don’t just mean profits in your business, but also profits in your life. Because we believe, as you build your business, and create assets for yourself and your family, that you can change your life and ultimately that change can the impact your world, however big or small your world is!

You might be familiar with the marketing, cash and process anchor points from our three anchor points and profits everyday and those are outlined right here. Because in order to build your business, you have to have your marketing and your cash in order. And in order to change your life, you have to have your marketing and your processes in order and you have to have your cash and your processes in order in order to allow you to fully have that impact on your world.

Those three things have to work together, the marketing, your cash and your processes, which is going to allow you to build your business, change your life, impact your world, to have profits everyday. But here’s a thing, most business owners we encounter, don’t have all three of these things green. They are maybe not great at all three of these things, or not all three of these things are working in harmonic balance.

What ends up happening, is we end up with our cash and our processes green but our marketing is yellow, or red, well, then we end up with no awareness. If our marketing and our processes are in place, but we’re lackadaisical or having some issues on the cash side of the compass, then we end up with no profit. And what literally can put business owners into the hospital is when your marketing and your cash is in place, but your processes are non-existent, or they’re faulty, or there’s cracks in them and you end up with no time.

The Profits Everyday Compass is extremely powerful at allowing you to identify through these projects on the outside and through the depth of those projects on the outside to accomplish profits everyday.

If you’re a business owner and you’re feeling like, ‘I don’t have time’, or ‘I’m struggling with profitability in my business’ or ‘there is no awareness of what I do, how do I accomplish these things’, go ahead and click the link and you can get some more information.

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