Hi there, it’s Stacey and Jason Ansley with ansleyRDgroup. What we have found after working with hundreds of business owners over the past few years is that oftentimes, business owners find themselves people and resource-strapped. And resources doesn’t always mean financial resources. We’ve been able to come alongside these businesses and help bring peak performance and scaling profits to their team. And one of the models we want to talk about is the Business Owner Transformation Spectrum.

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What’s important to understand about the Business Owner Transformation Spectrum that has to occur in you, as the business owner, as well as in your key team members. Similar to the five summits of business, we have these different landing zones, on your business. That same thing exists in the business owner as a person, and so, you’re probably most familiar with the fact that at some point in your life whether you’ve always worked in business, or whether when you were in college or high school you had a job. In other words you were an employee of somebody else that owned a business.

Even if you grew up in a family business, and you were four or five years old when they started doing slave labor with you, you still had a job. You were not the owner of your parent’s bakery back in 19 whatever year, right?

Then maybe you had a great idea of like, hey, I could be doing the same thing for myself or I get to go do this other thing over here for myself and provide value in the marketplace. And so you had that great idea, you put legs to it and you said, I’m gonna become a business owner. And that is unfortunately where most business owners stop. They end up just owning their job and they end up getting stuck in the managing, in the working, and wearing too many hats.

The point is this, that we as business owners have to transition, we have to move from owning our job, just like our business has to grow and move across the five summits of business, we as business owners have to get to a point in our business where we are the owner and we’re no longer managing. We’re the owner and we’re no longer working as much or we’re only working in managing and those areas that are really within our zone of genius or those things that we’re absolutely passionate about.

We have to get to the point where we create ongoing income, positive cashflow from this business so that it’s an asset for us and for our family. That’s the transformation that we have to do as business owners. We have to go from being an employee, to owning our job, to the fact where we can actually have a business that’s an asset and we can retire in or we can retire out of, if that is what we desire.

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