As our business has grown, we have learned about the importance (and delicacy) of delegation.

No one person can handle our four businesses on their own. I know I would fall flat on my face!

However, before we delegate anything, we need to know that when a task is out of our hands, it will be completed to our business’s standards. Or better yet, surpass them!

It all comes down to communication, expectations and trust.

Expectations must be properly communicated or deadlines will not be met, the work product will be sub-par, and business will get messy.

Michael Hyatt discusses five levels of delegation that we find helpful. Each level is differentiated by the amount of responsibility given. Understanding these levels leads to better communication in the workplace and more frequently met expectations in our businesses.

Level 1: Do my bidding.

This is micromanaging at its finest. Detailed directions are given and they are to be followed exactly. “I have done all the research and planning myself, and I am not inviting any other suggestions.” In other words, ‘it’s my way or the highway.’ This is the level to stay away from.

Level 2: Research-and-report.

“You can do the leg work. Research thoroughly and get me the information I need. Then I will make the final decision and give you further instructions.” While you’ve given your team member a few tasks, this says you don’t trust them with any part of the decision-making process. Steer clear of this kind of leadership too.

Level 3: Let’s talk about it.

“I want to hear your opinion, because I value it. Do some research of your own, make a list of pros and cons and we will discuss the possibilities. If I agree, you can move forward. If I disagree, I’ll make some changes. Or maybe we’ll land on a decision that combines the two.” As a leader, you’re well on your way. You want to hand off responsibility, but just can’t let it go without giving your two cents…yet.

Level 4: Need-to-know basis.

“I am trusting you with all the responsibilities of research, planning and execution. Keep me informed and I won’t interfere much.” Now we’re getting somewhere. You want to stay in the loop, but you’ve given up majority of the control. This is a great place to be.

Level 5: You’ve earned my trust. Go get ‘m, tiger!

The ultimate level of trust. “You make the call. Research, plan, execute. I know it will be done with excellence.”

Having people you trust in place makes you more willing – and even eager – to hand off any task.

ansleyRDgroup’s strong belief in a balance of people, process and product ensures that you have the right people doing the right job, making delegation easy. Trust continues to increase when a team member is given a task that fits their skill set, and when they know what is being asked of them.

Every good leader delegates. Before you can delegate effectively, you need to ensure that you are delegating tasks to the people who fit the qualifications best, and that you are communicating expectations clearly.

Breaking expectations down into the five levels above is a great way to determine the level of responsibility you are willing to give to a person, and establish how to communicate that responsibility.

Are you the king or queen of delegation? Tell us how! Are you holding onto tasks you should be passing along? Take a few baby steps and share your progress with us! Leave your answers in the comments below.


Stacey spent 12 years working in the non-profit world for two different International organizations. In 2014 Jason and her began to feel the winds of change (again). Their primary company ansleyRDgroup™, a business development concierge™, coaching, and consultancy, was looking to add another team member and the logical choice was to transition Stacey into the company. She now invests her time in helping other families change their lives through business so that they can have a positive impact on their world.

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