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ansleyRDgroup works with many modern businesses and entrepreneurs. This article provides examples and ideas of how you can make your company more modern.

Modern companies are embracing social media platforms and finding new ways to help people improve their lives. Companies who know how to take an existing marketplace and turn it on its head to provide innovative and creative new products and services are fast becoming the new trend.

These companies also tend to provide employees with work environments that are encompassing campuses designed to make life more enjoyable, meaningful, and interesting. Flexible work schedules, excellent benefits, and forward-thinking staff are the hallmark of a modern company.

ansleyRDgroup business development concierge business coach Most Modern Companies to Work for in 2015 StravaStrava

Strava is serious about fitness, and its employees are all highly active and involved in their respective exercise fields. Strava provides its employees with $1,000 per year for gear and race entry fees. Plus, employees get a $500 gym reimbursement fee and complete healthcare.

Employees are well-rested and have good work-life balance with five weeks of paid vacation each year to go on those long, extended treks through the wilderness and explore their world. You may find these employees sporting ASEA products in their spare time to power their immune system as they seek to indulge in the best that the nutritional industry has to offer.

The office features showers, yoga mats, a fully equipped bike shop, and everything else you could need to stay fit.

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There is a strong sense of community and a common bond with all employees and their recreational activities.

If you are struggling with employee turnover rates you might think about what benefits and activities you offer. A better benefits package might be worth the cost to you when you realize it is really an investment and you will save on training employees and interview times.

As a company it is also important to focus on your community and common goals.

When employees can be connected to a culture they have in common you’ve already won half the battle.

ansleyRDgroup business development concierge business coach Most Modern Companies to Work for in 2015 Backbone MediaBackbone Media

One of the premiere marketing companies for active-lifestyle brands, Backbone Media sets the bar high for its employees and rewards them handsomely. Free espresso, an open-access kegerator, dog-friendly environment, birthday breakfasts, ping-pong break time, and company retreats are just a few of the incentives provided by the company. This company provides great health benefits, year-end bonuses, and BackBone Bucks for employees that have worked for the company for three, five or ten years. These bucks can be used to buy any purchase of a client’s gear. A 401K with 3.5 percent matching is also available to all employees.

Backbone is following in the footsteps of modern companies like Google and Apple with workplaces that are fun and revolve around employees, while keeping true to the company’s mission and culture.

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They have a strong sense of community and have been awarded with a ranking on Outside Magazine’s “Best Places to Work in 2014”.

Your own company should look at how culture is fostered in the workplace.

Is there room for employees to get to know each other and have time for outside work activities? As a business you should strive to provide activities where employees can see they are valued and understood (beyond the annual company picnic)!

With technology driven business models (high margin), people are beginning to expect more from their workplace.

A focus on work/life balance and better health has made companies like these a prominent feature in some of the most modern companies in the nation. A continued commitment to employees, extended vacation time and office environments that promote good mental health and avoid the potential for exhaustion are key elements to keeping employees happy and productive.

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