How to Overcome Self-Doubt & Second Guessing Yourself as a Business Owner

As Business Owners we often encounter self-doubt and second-guess ourselves. The role of Clarity when it comes to Belief is critical.

We recently had a conversation in a Facebook group and Jason extracted the bones of the discussion, made a video reply walking through two of our visual models

Stacey Ansley Business Coach - Build Change Impact.

Clarity and Choice must come before the Confidence (doubt/second guessing) required to the the action!

I know the “greats” have some “great” quotes.
But I often wonder if the era they lived in shaped their quotes.
I know it shaped their thoughts and thus what they say (and subsequently what is quoted).
Yet, this one has it backwards.
Self-trust (aka confidence) is the last step directly prior to Success.
Yes it is before success, but I don’t think it is the first secret.
In fact, I don’t believe there is a missing secret to success at all.
It’s a process.
A formula.
A recipe.
That if followed, is inevitable.
Success starts with Clarity…not self-trust.
Sorry (not sorry) RWE!
How Business Owners Overcome Self-Doubt & Second Guessing Yourself - Build Change Impact - Business Coach - Stacey Ansley
How Business Owners Overcome Self-Doubt & Second Guessing Yourself - Build Change Impact - Business Coach - Stacey Ansley

It’s been said “Eventhough it’s a proces, I know for a fact, that when you don’t believe in yourself, you won’t even take action steps towards your desire.

You can work with someone and create clarity, but because you doubt and second-guess yourself, it will sabotage any clarity. I have been there.” – Facebook Conversation with author of the OP
Our response! “First, great conversation. Thank you for leading by posting the OP the begin with!

Second and to continue the convo; I totally get what you are saying (author).

Believe has to come before action.
In fact, here is a quick video I did going over that very thing.
If someone wants to dig deeper, I actually reference the Makein’ “It” Happen™ model (which I show in the above video and with the attached image to this reply)
…in the below video…
Additionally in the below video Jason hones in heavily on the Confidence aspect that you refer to.
[Model] 6 Steps to Makin' “It” Happen
It is true, they are all intertwined!
I think my point is that it begins with Clarity because if we take even the worst case scenario. Let’s hypothetically say that someone wanted to kill themselves.
They have to have Clarity on whether they want to live or die…and then make the Choice of one or the other.
So there is a sequence to success (or metaphorically speaking, living in the above example).
Clarity and Choice must come before the Confidence (doubt/second guessing that you refer to) required to the the action .
The “action steps” you mention are in fact affected by one’s belief (as illustrated in the attached model and first video I reference).
Likewise Clarity still comes before that because the Clarity falls within the “Input It” and “Think It” stages of Makin’ “It” Happen™.
Again here is that initial shorter video I made that may help connect the two models

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